Natural Health

Intuitive Massage

Massage treatments with Chantelle have added value as she has a medical intuitive ability to 'see' where the issue is coming from to relieve pain and tension or muscular issues more easily. For example you may have back pain but it may be coming from knots in the front of your chest which Chantelle can spot before the massage.. saving precious time, meaning you get relief fast.


Bioptron Light Therapy

Chantelle combines intuitive massage with the use of Bioptron Light therapy which was invented to aid in the healing of injured muscles, tendons and ligaments and to promote added relaxation and reduction of pain and inflammation. 


Medical Intuitive / Clairvoyance Insight

If you would like to know more about a health issue you are experiencing and perhaps why it is there on a spiritual or psychological level I can look into it for you during a massage session or consultation about the health issue. Sometimes it is to do with a situation or specific stress in your life that you need to give some attention to. I can also figure out the best way for you to overcome the issue through clairvoyant insight.

I have also helped people with the purchasing or selling of assets such as houses, boats etc to let you know if there are issues with these assets before you sell or buy them for a smoother transaction and less surprises!

I recommend a 15 min free consultation with me about a health or other issue before booking an appointment to make sure I am the right person for you and am getting enough insight around the issue.



I use reiki within my massages when and if appropriate for the client. This often goes hand in hand with clairvoyancy and medical intuitive guidance but sometimes it is just used for the heat and physical healing properties. My reiki treatments are performed with my hands on the persons body (usually during massage). 

I also use a type of psychic energy where I 'see' the healing light within you and move the energy with my visions to create healing within the body. This is often coupled with Qi gong like practice where I use energy healing during the massage which is similar to reiki but it's a different process. All of these practices are highly effective and depend on the person as to which is going to be more effective and accepted by the client. I use a clairvoyant ability to determine which is beneficial at any given time. 


Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Supplement Advice

If you are stressed or having difficulty sleeping there are Ayurvedic remedies that are highly effective in helping to calm the mind and emotions. If you would like natural remedies for aid in this department or to help with immunity I am able to recommend the right herbal tablets to suit your needs. I have a qualification in Aurvedic Lifestyle Management which is an effective preventative method of staying well and avoiding illness by treating symptoms of imbalances in the body before they turn into illness. 


Meditation & EFT Self Healing Session

I offer meditation personalised sessions to teach you how to meditate effectively depending on what you want to achieve with meditation. I specialise in teaching self healing sessions so you become equip to deal with symptoms and issues you face as they arise and become more independent with your healing journey. Clairvoyancy can come into these sessions as it gives me insight as to how best for you to move through issues or which issues and processes are best for you to work through with me in the session.