Intuitive Massage

Great if you're wanting a mix of relaxation and therapeutic massage.
Crafted by intuition to give an effective and enjoyable massage.

Chantelle's massages are mostly intuitive as she has a medical intuitive ability to 'see' what is going on beyond what you would normally be able to see and know from a usual consultation. This Medical intuitive knowledge means that she can see where an issue is stemming from and therefore treat the actual location that is causing the pain or issue and therefore heal it at its root. Her ability picks up where, when and how to massage certain parts of the body as well the amount of pressure that the client needs for maximum comfort for the client as well as effectiveness to heal within the body's capability. 

This massage is not about enduring as much pain as possible to heal but instead, finding that sweet spot where massage feels therapeutic (like its doing something without being too painful) and in doing so, relaxes the nervous system which relaxes the muscles, increasing blood circulation and healing the body holistically. It is both therapeutic and relaxing.

60 mins - $87
90 mins - $125



Deep Tissue / Specialist Massage

Great for muscular conditions such as sciatica, loss of mobility, pulled muscles and tension.
Very beneficial for muscular conditions related to trauma, stress or emotional upset.

Chantelle's deep tissue / specialist massage is a medium-deep pressure, using her medical intuitive ability to find the issues causing pain in your body. She is able to 'see' where there is an issue that you may not know about that is causing pain or tension in other areas. 

She is able to sense if the issues are tension, emotion, injury or trauma related and how to holistically heal the issue using Bioptron Light therapy, reiki, energy healing or manipulating the tissues in a specific way to release the tension or issue. In general, this type of deep tissue work is not all deep pressure as you may be used to during other types of regular massage treatments. 

Bioptron Light treatment is used for deep work as this amazing polarized light treatment was invented to reduce inflammation and pain, heal damaged tissues including tendons and ligaments and torn muscles as well as many other benefits. 

60 mins - $97
90 mins - $135